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Product description:


With a anti-slip natural rubber base and superbly smooth surface, this mouse mat is designed to assist and enhance the performance of your mouse.It is the ideal choice for game, work or daily use.


Product Features:


Extended and Suitable Size:This extended mouse pad will fit both keyboard and mouse,and other desk items.Provide perfect movement space for gaming or office.


Ultra-smooth Cloth Surface:Optimized for fast moving when maintaining excellent speed and control during gaming or work. Ensures the easiest mouse movements and best response times.


Anti-slip Rubber Base:When using the mouse and keyboard, the mouse pad does not slide or move.


Waterproof performance:Waterproof performance can be prevented to a certain extent damage to the product caused by spilled liquid.When spill a liquid on it,partial liquid will slide down.Simultaneously,mouse pad easy to clean and machine washable.


Material:Our mousepad designed with natural rubber material,durable design stands up to years of use.


Product Size:


–Version 1: 290 x 250 mm.


–Version 2: 600 x 300 mm.


–Version 3: 700 x 300 mm.


–Version 4: 800 x 300 mm.


–Version 5: 900 x 400 mm.




                       Size details                         90X4070X3029X25900X400800X300


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900x400mm-zuoya, 700x300mm-zuoya, 290x250mm-zuoya, 900x400mm-world, 800x300mm-world, 700x300mm-world, 600x300mm-world

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China, Russian Federation

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zuoya mouse pad

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